Australian seating manufacturer Styleride Seating Systems (“Styleride”) is pleased to announce its full acquisition by Italian manufacturer Lazzerini, completed on 18 March 2019.

This acquisition will result in the merger of high quality, proven Australian-based manufacturing with Lazzerini’s leading international product innovation and design.

With Matthew Lukan and Noel Dabelstein as owners and directors, Styleride began operations in 1996 with product deliveries commencing in May of that year. The start-up was preceded by an exhaustive research, development and testing period to introduce new products to the industry in-line with opportunities identified in a comprehensive market research project.

Milestones along the way include moving into new manufacturing facility in Success Street, realising the benefits from capital investments in factory tooling, CNC machinery and robotics together with substantial investments in computer manufacturing software and 3D CAD design software. In their research and development program Styleride have registered several designs and patents and are continuing to test and design new and Innovative products to bring to the market.

In 1998 Styleride met the requirements of ISO 9001 and continue to be third party audited compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

Director Matthew Lukan said: “Our success would not have been possible without the support of our customers and the dedication of our staff for which we are greatly appreciative. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead within this important, innovative industry.”

The merger of Styleride into the Lazzerini family will heighten the growth of both products into the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets. This acquisition will provide synergies for both companies to enhance the range of products and options available to our valued customers.

The Styleride brand and product range will proudly continue, as will the manufacture of seats at the facility in Acacia Ridge, Queensland. With the acquisition of Styleride, production and distribution at Acacia Ridge will increase, as the product range extends to include the Lazzerini innovations and products for the Southern region markets. This will provide more local jobs for the area and a strategic platform for the continued growth of both companies.

Lazzerini CEO, Innocenzo Cabone, and CFO, Alessandro Cirioni, said they are very pleased with the Styleride purchase and proud to welcome the brand, its customers and staff into the Lazzerini Network.

“This is an extremely positive outcome for both companies and for all customers in this merger, solidifying the future of Styleride and providing a strong base for future growth in the region,” Innocenzo and Allessandro said.

“The integration of the Lazzerini product with the manufacturing ability of Styleride is sure to enhance both brands and allow future products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the bus and coach industry both in Australia and the Southern Region areas.”

Lazzerini has a long and proud History

Lazzerini was founded in Monsano, Italy in 1967 as a manufacturer of passenger seats for public transport vehicles. In a few short years the company established a reputation for attractive high-level technology products that became synonymous with excellence in the domestic and European markets.

In 1996 the company became part of German multinational Grammer, entrusted with the management of the group’s entire seating market. In the following 10 years, the former Lazzerini adapted to the needs of the international market, perfecting its project capacity and production capability and consolidating its position as a leader within the German group. In 2007, Lazzerini reacquired its former autonomy and name. The recovery and renewal of this historic brand confirms Lazzerini’s identity as a company strategically focussed on innovation and customer care.

Lazzerini is a national and international reference point for design, innovation, development and seat production for coaches, school buses, trains, ships, cars and special vehicles like ambulances. With a strong commitment to the most stringent and recognised standards and qualifications, Lazzerini is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, IATF automotive standard and the environmental qualification ISO 14001, along with safety OHSAS 18001.

Lazzerini is committed to design, innovation and developing new techniques and industrial solutions for eco-friendly technology.

This commitment embraces and involves all production processes, selection of recyclable materials and developing working methods in line with strict European and national environmental regulations.

This research and experimentation makes the Lazzerini Ecology Project a breakthrough in the production of passenger seats in which non-recyclable materials such as foam are replaced by new concepts of comfort and ergonomics using recyclable materials.

CEO for Lazzerini, Innocenzo Carbone, said: “With Lazzerini’s own factory, we are able to prototype, test and homologate seats in our facility thereby reducing time and cost. We work in close collaboration with the University of Ancona Italy, which is focussed on research and perfection of lighter and more resistant seat structures. This field of study is fundamental in achieving a balanced and substantive response to the growing demand for lighter seat weights and consequential reduction in energy consumption.”

Lazzerini currently have bus, rail, ship and specialised automotive seating in their range of products.

Lazzerini’s customers include bus manufacturers Alexander Wright, Volvo, Scania, Caetano, Iveco, Sitcar, Mussa and IIA. Rail customers, Trenitalia, Sncf, Bombardier and Caf; and automotive special customers, Lear, Sparco, Newcocar, Integra.

Lazzerini’s experience in delivering lightweight seating solutions and other innovative designs will prove invaluable to customers across the Australian and Southern Region markets as demand grows for environmentally friendly public transport vehicles, and as electric and autonomous vehicles become more prevalent.

With Styleride’s world class seating system and Lazzerini leading the way for product innovation, the future for both companies in Australia is solid. The Lazzerini-Styleride team look forward to working with all manufacturers both local and international during this exciting new phase for both companies.

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