Reclining and fixed coach seats

The Acacia Reclining and Fixed Coach seats remain popular models continuing to be specified by operators for the superb Five Star comfort and safety their passengers have come to expect.

New passengers will appreciate the enhanced comfort features 
of the Acacia seat, such as profiled premium foams combined with ergonomic squab suspension, superb visibility and comfortable leg and knee clearance.

The Acacia Fixed Coach seat is identical to the Recliner with the squabs fixed in a comfortable partial recline position. When maximum capacity is required, the Fixed Coach seat, with changes to foam shapes can be installed at a seat pitch of 690mm.


  • Superb comfort, passenger protection and style
  • Ergonomically designed multiple density foams
  • Inboard seatbelts
  • Patented foldaway armrest included


  • Magazine nets
  • Folding footrests in mild or stainless steel
  • Choice of headrest covers
  • Aisle side handgrips
  • Choice of trim standard

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