Aquarius Deluxe MKII

Opulence and sophistication

The Aquarius Deluxe MK II Reclining coach seat is the finest in the Aquarius model range of coach seats and offers the opulence of the finest automotive leather trim featuring double stitching, perforations and a sophisticated soft curve design.

This is in addition to the qualities of the Aquarius Deluxe being improved headrest design and enhancements to lumbar support, knee room behind, and leg clearance under the seat.

Included is the pronounced curve of the seat squab together with an ergonomic suspension pad under multiple density foam. In addition the seat belt reel is positioned inside the seat back and to the side of the seat which suits people of differing heights.

For either intercity sleeping or for sightseeing from a tour coach, these features combined with refinements to the renowned Styleride cushion and our foldaway armrest, result in the Aquarius Deluxe MK II Reclining coach seat offering both operators and passengers a truly luxurious coach seat experience.


  • Two tone automotive leather trim
  • Foldaway armrest included
  • Ergonomically designed headrest and squab and cushion
  • Superb Comfort, passenger protection and style
  • Inboard seatbelts


  • Magazine nets
  • Folding footrests in mild or stainless steel
  • Choice of headrest covers
  • Aisle side handgrips
  • Non reclining version

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