The Silhouette five star Reclining and Fixed Coach seats carry influences from the highly successful Acacia and Aquarius series of seats.

The Silhouette seat is the least intrusive seat in the coach saloon and with an overall height of 1090mm and small but comfortable individual headrests, a seating environment is created which maximizes social interaction as well as the view, and of course your passengers 
can relax in the seat to enjoy a nap.

The elegant curves of the seat back enhance the lumbar support region while maximizing knee room behind, and leg room under the seat. The Silhouette seat also utilizes features for which Styleride seats are famous, such as multiple density foams, ergonomic seat back suspension pads, seat belt reel positioned inside the seat back and our reliable foldaway armrest.

The Silhouette seat offers operators another solution for seating specifications to further enhance the luxury coach experience for their passengers.


  • Most open and least intrusive design
  • Ergonomically designed squab
  • Superb comfort, passenger protection and style
  • Inboard seatbelts
  • Cost and maintenance effective


  • Magazine nets
  • Folding footrests in mild or stainless steel
  • Choice of headrest covers
  • Aisle side handgrips

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