Solutions 2-3

Innovative combination 2-3 seating solution for school bus passengers

The Solutions 2-3 is designed for two passengers over 12yrs, or three passengers under 12yrs.

Designed to meet the demands of new and replacement seating configurations.


  • Meets and exceeds Australian Standard ADR68 
  • Meets Government Notices Gazette – C2015G00099 
  • Fire retardant fabrics to meet State requirements* 
  • Child restraint capability 

* Please confirm with StyleRide regarding choice and specification


Choose from a range of fabrics to suit individual requirements (other fabrics are available on request).


  • 1. Easy to replace seat belt retractor
  • 2. Individual seat squab covers to allow easy replacement
  • 3. Fixed or removable seat cushion option
  • 4. Individual seat belts fitted to each seat
  • 5. Improved rear visibility through individual seat squab design
  • 6. Superior quality dual density foam for comfort and durability
  • 7. Obtrusion free rear head area for increased passenger safety

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